AWF II – Episode 4: Men and Women

In part 4 of All’s Well and Fair II (2006 version), Margaret, Rachel and Tina share their thoughts on the topic “Men & Women” from their perspective of being punk moms in their 20s in 1996 and ten years later, in 2006.

This is a transmedia documentary so we want YOU to actively participate in telling the story! Share your thoughts via video response or comments. To get you started: What are your thoughts on the topic of “Men & Women”?

Our tip: Watch from the beginning to find out who these women are and why they’re discussing these subjects.

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3 thoughts on “AWF II – Episode 4: Men and Women

  1. I think that men need to evolve A LOT more in thought and behavior. It seems like women are further along in these respects. Maybe it’s because men have oppressed them for so long. It’s easier to see the problem from underneath looking up. When you’re on top looking down, it’s not seen as a problem, but rather as a success. I think a true success in the evolution of men and women is when we can see each other as true equals, not as competition. Until we both evolve into true equals, women need to keep fighting! And men need to keep learning!

    1.  I think that’s a very fascinating point that? from the perspective of
      the bottom a problem can be seen that from the perspective of the top
      (the advantaged, the privileged, the oppressor, the ruler, etc.) isn’t
      visible or appears to have improved. Thank you for sharing these

  2. Of course it’s true that women have “come a long way, baby” but we’re still witnessing a power struggle between the genders. Today, especially, it’s mind-boggling that men make more money than women in the exact same jobs for no other reason than their gender. I think that women DO need to keep fighting for a truer equality and that men need to continue evolving. It’s so easy to think that equality between the genders (in the simplest of terms) means that women become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, but it really means that women are able to choose their paths with no resistance based on their gender. It still seems that society considers a woman choosing to be a stay-at-home parent, a doctor, a firefighter, or a race car driver as this monumental choice, when men choose these things without hesitation or question. We are still a patriarchal society, though we are evolving a little each day.

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