E18: Today?

July 5, 20121 Comment

After we discussed all the 1996 topics in 2006, it was only natural that an additional subject emerged: Who are you today? Where are you in your life? Have you changed?

Margaret, Tina and Rachel look honestly at who they have become and how they feel about where they are.

Can you be that honest in evaluating where you are? We would love to hear from you (through a response video or by leaving comments on YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter…).

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While this episode has a definite “it’s coming to end feel” to it, there’s still one more epilogue episode to come out on Monday, July 9th.

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  1. ReWStaRR says:

    funny i just came from a yoga class 7 in my mnd i was exactly going thru ALL of this.. ‘where am i’ ‘i forgive myself’  “lesss is more’ & it goes on infinite…  how long does anything  thought really last.. these woman are soooo wise.. i feel its cyclical… these beliefs are awesome.. they are my new mantra.. 😉

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