AWF II – Episode 10: Money

“Money isn’t evil” is one of the things Margaret says she has learned in the ten years between our interviews. Find out how else she, Rachel and Tina changed their minds and realities regarding money – or how they stayed the same.

This is a transmedia documentary so we want YOU to actively participate in telling the story! Share your thoughts via video response or comments. To get you started: What are some of your thoughts about money?

Our tip: Watch from the beginning to find out who these women are and why they’re discussing these subjects.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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1 thought on “AWF II – Episode 10: Money

  1. Money cannot buy love or happiness.  However, we do need it to survive and it is nice to have enough of it to survive quite nicely!  Problems come when people love money more than anything else and sacrifice relationships, the environment and their very souls to get as much of it as they can.  

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