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E19: The Future?

July 9, 20120 Comments

The last part of “All’s Well and Fair” is a bit of an epilogue; asking the mothers and their children what they envision for their future and where they might see themselves in another 10 years. This episode also includes the complete Dioxin Dolly song that inspired the film and concludes with the end credits. […]

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E18: Today?

July 5, 20121 Comment

After we discussed all the 1996 topics in 2006, it was only natural that an additional subject emerged: Who are you today? Where are you in your life? Have you changed? Margaret, Tina and Rachel look honestly at who they have become and how they feel about where they are. Can you be that honest […]

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E16: Mothers

June 28, 20122 Comments

If you say something about your mother, you say something about yourself. So what do you think about your mother? And what are your thoughts about motherhood? Let the honesty of Rachel, Tina and Margaret inspire you to let us know your thoughts. In case this is the first episode you’ve come across: you can […]

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E15: Mass Media

June 25, 20120 Comments

What are your thoughts about mainstream media, alternative media and DIY culture? In this episode Rachel states: “Our culture is being sold to us at this point instead of us creating it for ourselves. This belief is part of why this film was made and is being released for free online and last but not […]

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E14: Creativity

June 21, 20121 Comment

Creativity in general? Mandatory! You have to be contributing something. That’s Rachel’s opinion. Do you agree? What is creativity to you? How about getting creative by participating in this transmedia documentary? In episode 14 Margaret, Rachel and Tina talk about the ways they are creative, how it changed in ten years, how at least one […]

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