E19: The Future?

July 9, 20120 Comments

The last part of “All’s Well and Fair” is a bit of an epilogue; asking the mothers and their children what they envision for their future and where they might see themselves in another 10 years. This episode also includes the complete Dioxin Dolly song that inspired the film and concludes with the end credits. […]

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E12: Food

June 14, 20120 Comments

Feeding your children healthy food is probably one of the most important aspects of good parenting. What if you can’t afford healthy food? What if your president claims that ketchup is a vegetable? In episode 12 Tina and Margaret talk about food, nutrition and why vegetarianism could end welfare. This is a transmedia documentary so […]

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E06: War

May 25, 20120 Comments

In part 6 of “All’s Well and Fair” (the web series) Rachel and Tina share their thoughts on the topic “War” from their perspective of being punk moms in their 20s in 1996 and ten years later, in 2006. This is a transmedia documentary so we want YOU to actively participate in telling the story! […]

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E03: Ten Years Later + The Topics

May 18, 20120 Comments

Part 3 of the documentary All’s Well and Fair takes you straight from 1996 to 2006 to see what became of the three punk moms and their little children. This episode also introduces the topics of the series. All’s Well and Fair juxtaposes the lives and ideals of 3 single punk rock moms during the […]

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The Big Trailer

May 14, 20121 Comment

The official trailer for the 2006 version of All’s Well and Fair   — Post your own response video via YouTube —

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