The documentary All’s Well and Fair will be released as an interactive web series in 19 episodes starting May 16, 2012 and as a stand-alone 90-minute film to be released on DVD at the New York City premiere on May 18th, 2012.

All’s Well and Fair juxtaposes the lives and ideals of three single punk rock mothers on welfare during the 1990s with their realities and opinions ten years later – giving a unique perspective on alternative culture, growth and identity.

In 1996, single welfare mothers Rachel Guinan, Margaret Briggs and Tina Bushnell won a “F*** The Government” song contest in Gainesville, Florida. Inspired by the spirit of the song, filmmaker Luci Westphal documented the women’s lives and their views on the different subjects mentioned in their lyrics.

Ten years later, filming continued with the women discussing the same topics again – now homeowners in their 30s with teenage children and other major life changes. Juxtaposing the 1996 and “Today” perspectives on each theme, explores how much their opinions and lifestyles have changed over the course of ten years and how it has influenced the lives of their children. The film inspires the audience not only to contemplate the subjects and the women’s lives, but their own “growing up”.

Because the women speak so casually and openly, they seem to be having a lively conversation with the viewer, who becomes their trusted friend getting an intimate insight into the lives of these families instead of being the distant observer of a sterile interview.

The audience is then encouraged to participate in the transmedia experience of All’s Well And Fair – The Web Series. With every episode based on a subject, the audience will be asked to post their own experience or opinion via actual response videos and written comments on the dedicated website and various social media outlets and mobile apps.

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